Opening under COVID-19

July 5: This procedure has now been updated so that we can play singles or pairs, on 

alternate rinks, but with a

 maximum of 12 people present at any time

Playing Procedure

The following is in accordance with Bowls England : Covid 19: Supplementary Guidance for Lawn Bowls Clubs Approved by Department of Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) – 14th May 2020

In order to ensure fairness to all, the following can only apply to life members and those members who have paid a subscription contribution to the treasurer.

1.       Playing members shall adopt strict social distancing of 2 metres and no spectators/onlookers shall be allowed within the boundary of the club.

2.       No more than 3 alternate rinks to be in use at any one time.  Set by a member of the green team.

3.       Singles matches only – no marker therefore a maximum of 6 members within the boundary of the club at any time.

4.       Each member player shall have their own jack and mat unless member players are from the same household. 6 Jacks and 6 mats will be available in the club house.

5.       Other than jacks and mats, no other equipment is to be used that includes pushers, score boards, ditch markers and 2 metre measuring sticks.

6.       Jacks and mats are to be cleaned at the end of each game using antibacterial spray provided before being returned. 

            Club woods shall not be used.

7.       Only the club house disabled toilet facilities can be used. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the facility is left clean. Antibacterial spray, wipes and paper towels will be made available.

8.       The ladies and gents changing room and subsequently the toilet facility will not be available.

9.       The kitchens facilities will not be available player members are expected to bring their own refreshments as required.

10.   All rinks to be booked in advance within the following sessions: 1100 -1400, 1430-1700 and 1800-2100. There is a booking sheet on the web site that will be kept up to date by Katherine. Unfortunately, the booking sheet is not interactive and members will be expected to contact Katherine (01420 511389) to confirm their timed slot. Note, the public gardens will be locked at 2200.

11.   Please note that the green will not be available Tuesday and Friday morning, mowing days.

12.   Members to clear the club and lock up prior to next session. Personal bowling equipment, including shoes, gloves and bowls is not to be left in the club house, take them home after each session.

13.   Incoming members shall not arrive more than 15 minutes before their scheduled start time.

14.   The bar will not open until all government restrictions are lifted.

15.   Players are to take their own rubbish away that includes any paper towels, wipes and score cards used.

Please note: If it is found that these guidelines are not being adhered to the club will be closed until such time as the current restrictions are lifted. I sincerely hope that this decision does not have to be taken.

If and when further relaxations are reflected in the Bowls England interpretation of the Covid 19 DCMS guidance then these will be taken into consideration for the remainder of the season.

It is recognised that this is difficult for all but please take advantage of what we can offer. Please be assured that the committee is on your side and is doing all it can to bring bowls back to Alton Bowling Club.

The advice for clinically vulnerable groups remains the same. If you are in that group you are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if you do go out, take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household.

Thank you all for your understanding in these difficult times, enjoy what we have, it will get better.