Latest News 2019

March 30:  ALTON BOWLING CLUB SKITTLES, SATURDAY 30 MARCH 2019 at THE JOLLY FARMER, Blacknest, from noon. There was a stupendous turn-out for the first event of the 2019 summer season in our new venue - 46 people came and nearly everyone wanted to take part in the skittles. As we all had 3 lives, the outcome wasn't at all clear before we tucked into our lunches (the President's somehow ended up on the floor, so he had to wait for a fresh-cooked one), but once most of us had been eliminated, it quickly became a close-run thing between John Wright and Brian Crow, with Brian conceding defeat and that "CAT" to John. Grace, Jack and Emily were indefatigable in their jobs as skittles restorers and were rightly rewarded for their diligence with enormous Easter eggs. Tracy wheedled us all to buy raffle tickets with the promise of lots of prizes and she had plenty of help for the tedious task of folding the tickets up for the draw. Altogether, a lovely afternoon and a promising start to the new season. Roll on summer! Photos here 2019 Photogallery - Skittles

March 23: Thanks to all those members (24) who turned up today for the cleaning working party. It was certainly a case of many hands make light work, so no need to turn up tomorrow, any odd remaining jobs can be carried out as and when. A special thanks to those providing cakes and scones - they sweetened the load.

March 22: The draw for the ladies’ NWHBA competitions is on the website 2019 N.H.W.B.A Competitions, as is that for the men’s B&DBA 2019 BDBA Competitions

March: Gents - the draws for the County competitions are also up on their website (see below)

Jan 29: Ladies - the draws for the County competitions are up on the Hampshire Bowls website,

 - see your names up in print!