Whitchurch League Pairs 2015

Preliminary Round

Round 1

Round 2



Play by 1st June

Play by 22nd June

Play by 13th July

Play by 10th August

Play by 31st August

L Taylor MB

 T Heath O





P Tripp MB

J Dixon O





R Kingston AND

B Baxendale L





A Nicoll H

G Norris KC





D Huyton O

M Smith HA





E Jesney O

R Burgin BT





E Smith A

D Goddard BT





D Hamilton AND

D Hunt OB





S Harris BT

T Atkins OB





R Haynes BT

R Sutcliffe MB





C Roberts BT

G Riddy  M





12]C Newin O

D Wilkins O





L Taylor KC

J Ryan O







B Craighill      A




R Bannister   OB




D Phillips       BT