2017 Whitchurch Pairs

Preliminary Round

Play By 5th June

Round 1

Play By 19th June

Round 2

Play By 3rd July

Round 3

Play By 17th July

Semi Final

Play By 7th August


Play By 28th August

C Swift  HA

 C Swift HA

 C Swift HA

 C Swift HA



R Haynes  BT

R Newson  O

 R Newson O

M Bates  OB

R Green  W

 D Hamilton AND

 N Rogers O

D Hamilton  AND

S Bone  BT

 N Rogers O

*N Rogers  O


*C Harris  BT

 C Harris BT

 No Winner

C Elloitt  HA

J Wilson  O

 V Ryan O

*V Ryan  O

S Turner  O

 B Baxendale L

 B Baxendale L


B Baxendale  L

D Wilkins  O

 K Bringes O

K Bringes  O

G Evans  HP

 G Lovett BT

 G Lovett BT

G Lovett  BT

*A Lovett  BT

 C Carter BT

*C Carter  BT

* is a lady player