2015 Stan Hardman Fixture List

Captain : Bernard Abate 01420 83623

Thursday afternoons at 2.00pm  
Three mixed triples. Greys. Match fee £2.00

 2014  Date Opponents          Venue     Results
 MAY  7th Howard Park ‘B’
 Away Won 4:3
  14th Marnell Royals
 Home Played on 18/8, lost 3:4, 49 points to 50
  21st Hook Sapphires
 Away Lost 1/2:41/2
  28th  Four Marks
 Home Won 4:1
 JUNE  4th Alton Social
 Away Lost 2:5
  11th Odiham X
 Home Lost 0:7
  18th Old Basing
 Away Won 5:2
 25th Howard Park ‘B’
 Home Lost 2:5
 JULY  2nd Marnell Royals
 Away Won 5:2
   9th Hook Sapphires
 Home Lost 2:5
  16th Four Marks
 Away Lost 0:7
  23rd Alton Social
 Home Won 7:0
  30th Odiham X
 Away Lost 0:7
 AUGUST  6th Old Basing
 Home Won 7:0 -- 3:0 rinks, and 55:34 points 
  20th  Quarter Finals
 Neutral green 
  27th Semi Finals Neutral green Hook Sapphires beat Odiham D & AWRE B beat Odiham X
 SEPT  3rd  Final & Presentation Neutral green AWRE B beat Hook Sapphires

Winners were AWRE B