2020 Drawn Pairs

There will be two leagues – Blue and White.

Each team will play all the other teams in their league once in any order by August 17th.

Each game will consist of 16 ends, otherwise normal Bowls England rules apply.

The result of each game should be phoned or e-mailed to Katherine by the following day

The score should be included. Leave the score cards inside the Club house.

The winner of each league shall play the runner-up of the other league in the semi-finals by August 24th.

The winners of the semi-finals shall play each other in the Final on Saturday August 29th

Dress casual. Finals Club shirts.


Blue League

Brian & Katherine

Norma & Lynda

Sandy & Bob

Terri & Annie

Helen & David Sims

Graham & Robin

Bernard & Pam

Eric & Anthony



White League

Matthew & David Cowburn

Peter & Keith

Jim & Barry

Ray & Paul

Andy & Tracy

David Mason & David Sluter

Alex & Geraldine

Anthea & Julia