2019 Three Counties League Rules

                                                    THREE COUNTIES BOWLS FELLOWSHIP

LEAGUE RULES 2005-01-02 amended on 29th November 2005, 1st December 2008, 24th November 2009, 28th November 2017 &13th November 2018

1.       All matches will be played under BOWLS ENGLAND RULES.

2.       A club may enter one or two teams of three rinks of three bowlers.

2a.  Subject to League availability a club in exceptional circumstances may enter a third team subject to the agreement of the committee.

3.       A player may only play for one team in a season.

3a. Only fully paid up members of each participation clubs are eligible to play for that club in one season.

4.       Points awarded  - 5 points = 2 points for a win and 1 point for each winning rink.

5.       Draw for rinks – visiting Captain to put rink numbers on the back of scorecards.

6.       All players to greys below the waist and white or club shirts above the waist and proper bowls shoes (Ladies have the option to wear tailored grey trousers if they so wish).

7.       Matched to commence at 18.30pm except for the first two and the last two which start at 6.15pm.

8.       Fixtures must be played on dates arranged (weather permitting) – may be played on or before the arranged date by mutual agreement.

9.       Bowls England rule 6a will apply to all interruptions. If 5 ends or less, you restart the game from scratch.

10.   Any match postponed or abandoned due to bad weather to be re-arranged within 3 weeks and played before the end of the current League season. The home team to offer two dates and to confirm in writing to the club and with a copy to the Three Counties League Secretary. If contact is not made within 3 weeks, not only do you forfeit five points but also 3 shots is given to the team awarded the 5 points, against the team failing to rearrange the cancelled fixture. If this is the last game of the season that is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, it shall be playec on or before the following Tuesday.

11.   Where a match has commenced but fewer than 5 ends played you restart from scratch. If 5 ends or more have been played you restart where stopped.

12.   Team with one player short (one) 2 players to 4 woods each, opponents No 1&2 play with 2 woods and the skip 4 woods. Team one player short to forfeit a quarter of its score for that triple.

13.   Only in League matches will the use of unstamped bowls be permitted.

14.   It is proposed that the number of 8 teams in all divisions be allocated such wherever practical, in descending order. It is recognised that last minute entries or withdrawals may not permit this.

15.  Both captains are equired to fill in a result card so as the League secretary receives 2 result cards either by e-mail or by FIRST CLASS POST. If any result cards are not received by the secretary by the SATURDAY following that week's match no result can be recorded for either team.

16.   The above rules to be displayed on the Club Notice Board..

17.   In the event of a tie on both points and shot difference where there is a question promotion or relegation, the positions of the teams involved shall be decided on shot difference. In the event that teams shall still be ties there shall be a play off between the teams involved, on a neutral green and on a date to be decided by the committee.