2018 Stan Hardman Rules


1. Matches consisting of 3 mixed triples will be played at 2.00pm on Thursday afternoons, (30 minutes
grace allowed). Except for the play-off stage, any team has the right to call off a match if a more
important competition would affect team selection. By amicable agreement matches may be played
on alternative dates and times. No adjournment or abandonment will be permitted unless a new
date has been agreed beforehand. The League Secretary should be advised of any such

2. Each triple (or pair when playing one player short) must have at least one lady and one gent on each
rink. At the start of the game only, any triple or pair not mixed will surrender five shots to their
opponents. When playing against a pair, the triple lead will put up the first wood every end before
normal order of play. The pair will play with 4 woods each and will lose 25% (raised to the next whole
number) of their final score. When, due to lack of players, a team can only field players on two rinks
the team can still score winning rink points but not the overall score points and will also concede the
rink points for the un-played rink. Point allocation: overall score, 1 point for a win, ½ point for a draw;
rink points, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

3. A player may initially play for more than one team but once having played two matches in a team
they will become a fixture in that team. Any infringement, the offending team will concede to their
opponents the 2 rink points on the rink played and will not benefit from an overall score point.

4. The dress code for the season is as per National rules, however club shirts may be worn. The final
will be played in whites and club shirts again will be allowed.

5. The scorecards are to be completed at the end of each match and the results emailed, or posted, by
the home captain to the League Secretary immediately after the match. Should the Secretary not
receive the results of any match by 7 days before the play-offs, rule 7 will apply. Where results are
emailed, the result cards should be retained in case of any dispute.

6. An abandoned match is deemed to have been completed if 10 ends have been played by each triple.
An abandoned match that is re-scheduled shall be played as a new match.

7. If a team falls to fulfil a fixture due to lack of players and no agreement can be made for a new date,
the opposing team shall receive the average of points gained home or away as applicable over the
whole season, rounded up to the nearest whole number. If a match cannot be played due to inclement
weather conditions and no agreement reached for a new date, each team shall receive 3½ points. Any
spare week(s) at the end of the league programme can be used for re-arranged matches.

8. The top two teams in each section will qualify for the play-off stage for the Stan Hardman Shield.
Except, if a team is unavailable for any of the proposed play-off dates, the next team in their section
will replace them. In the play-off stage, each team shall play at least one player of each gender at
lead, two and skip in separate triples. Only players who have played for their team at least three
times during the league stage of the competition can take part in the play-of matches. Penalty as
per Rule 3.

9. The Secretary must receive the agreed entry fee for each team entered by the 15'h December each
year. Failure to renew membership by this date gives the Committee the right to replace or
disqualify such offending teams and issue a new fixture list accordingly. Cheques to be made
payable to Basingstoke Thursday League.

10. After payment of expenses incurred In the running of the League, the Committee will dispense
profits to make charitable payments or purchases.

11. The League will hold an Annual General Meeting on the first Sunday in December each year. The
Accounts will be presented and Officers elected to serve for twelve months, commencing on the 1"
January. Each team shall only have one vote irrespective of the number of team members attending.
Decisions to be made by simple majority.